About Us

Digi Lane is located in Pacific Pines, on the Gold Coast and was founded in December, 2019 in honour of our founders late mother, and our founders best friend, Helen, who lost her battle with cancer in April 2019 at just 47.

Digi Lane commenced trading online on January 1st, 2020 - 

Our founder, Lynda Halbert, has a long career in graphic design and wanted to create beautiful personalised digital invitations that celebrate bringing people together. So we set about doing just that!

2020 was having none of that however, and with the pandemic descending upon the globe, we sought to restructure our new little business as social distancing meant less time spent together, and temporary holts to most events. 

We have since extended our products to include personalised prints, glassware and giftware...and we're truly excited about the future!

We hope you love our style as much as we love creating these products for you!

At Digi Lane...it's #alwayspersonal